Hydronic heating equipment

Thinking about your home heater in the past was quite simple. The only decision to consider was oil versus natural gas. However, today there are quite a few more choices when considering a heater for your home. The new type of heating is called hydronic heating or radiant heating. Hydronic heating basically allows you to have heated liquid run throughout the home which allows for added comfort and allowance of controlling each individual zones. Electric bills have decreased and impact on the environment has positively increased through hydronic heating. This type of system allows for the heated liquid to be spread evenly through the floor running through loops of piping under the flooring of your home. The heated liquid starts in a boiler then flows into a manifold system. The system works as a control center connecting everything. The manifold allows each zoned system to keep a steady and consistent temperature. Next, the pumps circulate the heated liquid through the floor which causes the floor to heat up evenly. Other types of HVAC systems can cause hot spots and colds spots depending on the vents and other things. With this type of system there is no more worry about having cold floors. Instead the floor will be nice and comfortable even in the dead of winter in below freezing temperatures. With hydronic heating there are three different ways the heat moves through the home. The first way is through conduction. Conduction works through physical touch. When you walk on the floor with the hydronic heating you feel the results of a nice warm floor. Next is convection. Convection causes the heated liquid to move throughout the home from one place to the next. Radiation is the final way of feeling the heat. This allows you to feel the heat, in the room, as you move throughout the home.  

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