I was very grateful

Growing up, our favorite site to be during the summertime was the pool! I lived in a small cabin complex with our mom as well as our cabin was directly facing the community pool, and so I was able to go whenever I wanted because he was able to see me from his window. There was a single time I remember that I was going to get ready to go to the pool because our A/C was not actually working, then in fact, everyone’s A/C was not actually working. The whole cabin complex was experiencing some sort of black out of their HVAC system. The front office management said that it would take a week to repair everyone’s A/C system. They had to send out a whole team of HVAC servicemens to service the whole complex in that short amount of time. So the kids in our neighborhood as well as I all had a blast at the pool the entire week. It was packed! The day came for the serviceman to service our apartment, and he came as well as took about two hours to find out what was wrong as well as then said that our whole building would be restored to maximum A/C potential! Let me tell you how great it felt to have A/C in our small cabin again. The pool was a nice cool down, however nothing best the refreshing feeling of cool, crisp air running around you. So from then on, I continued our familiar pool getaways however was forever grateful for the improvements the management team made to the A/C system, now the pool would not be so crowded on official Summer mornings.

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