No HVAC means a day off

My dad had to change his career when my mom purchased a house on the other end of the east coast and moved the two of them down south. While my mom is an HR recruiter at an HVAC company, my dad had to take a job at a factory. He used to work at a place up north that made tofu; it was a really complex system that required parts to be purchased from Italy just to keep the place in operation. Now he does the opposite. Instead of making something that’s fairly healthy and pretty intricate to process, he works at a factory that makes candy! Specifically, he works at a place that makes chocolate. He really likes the work; his co-workers are great and the place is always comfortable. The chocolate factory has to have a very strict climate control in order for the product to be made correctly. Too hot, and nothing sets right. Too cold, and the chocolate won’t pour into the molds without gunking up all of the equipment. One day when I was visiting, I woke up and he was making breakfast in the kitchen. I asked what he was doing home–he didn’t have the day off that day so I was going to go to the beach with mom. He said that work had called and was in a bit of an emergency state because their HVAC system had gone completely offline during the night. Their third shift crew had to run around to get all of the product off the floor and in as many of the cold storage units as possible–anything that didn’t fit would have to be scrapped. My dad’s crew got the day off while the HVAC contractors worked to get everything online again.

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