The best unit money can buy

As a truck driver, I have traveled across the entire United States. The long drives are especially lonely, but usually the breathtaking sites that I see throughout the country partially alleviate my solitude. It also helps that I recently adopted a loyal road trip companion, my chihuahua, Rex. The trucking life has pros and cons, though the salary is very enticing. There is a single amenity that I wholeheartedly depend on. I happily pay for this amenity because having an enjoyable weather conditions control system in my truck is a life-saver. As I said, I travel across the country, in all directions, so I come across a wide range of weather conditions and patterns. There are nights when I drive such far distances that in the morning I need my furnace at full blast only to crank up my cooling system as the sun sets because I have driven into a radically different region. Even if I liked the heat or the cold, I would still purchase the best weather condition control system possible to protect my dear Chihuahua Rex. He is a scrawny little creature, and I would be heart broken to see her constantly shivering or manically panting simply because I did not purchase a proper HVAC system. No, I would never leave Chihuahua Rex in discomfort. So that both of us would stay pleasantly cool or warm and cozy during our long journeys across the United States, I purchased a top-notch HVAC system.

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