The big HVAC program

I am absolutely excited for some of our closest friends. Recently they purchased a new house, and they are going to live a few streets away from me and my spouse. The townhouse is actually cool, because it is one of the only 2 story houses in this area. One of the latest and greatest architects designed this unique house when the 2-story home was built 50 years ago. The architect was lovely friends with a dentist in the area, and the 2-story home was designed as a favor to the dentist. When the dentist retired from actually working at the hospital, he decided to arena the big home on the market. This is why my friends were excited to see the house. The two of us decided to even go with them to the showing. The realtor was absolutely nice and accommodating! She met all of us in the parking area, at the same time, one thing that caught our attention was the 2 Heating and A/C units… Each level of the home has its own Heating and A/C unit. The downstairs temperature control is located in the home office. That temperature control controls the temperature settings for the Heating and A/C equipment that is located in the garage. There is an additional Heating and A/C equipment located above the garage, and this is the equipment that controls the heating and cooling for the upstairs areas. Next to the powder room, the temperature control for the upstairs Heating and A/C equipment is located in the hallway. The second story powder room is bigger than our whole home office. The home is too amazing to let go, but I worry our friends will actually spend a fortune to run both of these Heating and A/C units.