Where should the air conditioner go?

I’m not an engineer, and I’m definitely not technologically informed about modern appliances. I’m about as in the dark about how modern technology functions as someone from the Middle Ages. If I was dumped into the wilderness, I honestly could not recreate these technologies, even if given the resources to do so. All I know for sure is that if I flip a switch, turn a knob, or press a button, said unit should work. That’s why I was very frustrated with my air conditioning when I noticed one Friday that nothing but lukewarm air flowed from the vents. My A/C’s ability to cool down my house had been spiraling downhill, and this was the final straw. Now there was absolutely no cold air. I had no idea what the problem was, so I called an HVAC technician from the HVAC business I purchased the air conditioner from. The technician told me the problem was simple enough that even I could understand. There was a decent-sized leak in the A/C causing the refrigerant to deplete until there was nothing to cool the air, rendering the air conditioning useless. Thankfully, the issue had a quick fix. The technician just had to patch the hole and refill the A/C with freon. The maintenance was inexpensive, and within minutes, I was free to enjoy the fresh air blowing from my air conditioner once again.